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Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world, held annually in Munich, Germany. 


Is There More To Do Than Drink Beer?
Absolutely! Although Oktoberfest pays homage to the World-Class Bavarian Art of Beer Brewing, there is lots of fun to be had outside the beer tents. The hallowed fairgrounds on which these beer tents lie are over 100 acres in size and host dizzying assortments of carnival rides, side shows, food vendors, souvenir stands, etc. There is even a wine tent, if you prefer wine over beer.
What Will We Eat?
Each tent serves up an authentic Bavarian menu different from the next. Rest assured there will be something yummy for everyone’s tummy. Among the offerings are sausages, chicken, fish, beer, roast pork, oxen, duck, beer, pretzels, dumplings, sauerkraut, red cabbage, and of course beer. Every year the record amount of all things consumed is broken.
Who would enjoy Oktoberfest? 
Oktoberfest is the perfect celebration to observe timeless traditions, meet people from all over the world, immerse yourself in new cultures, and eat, drink, and be merry in true Bavarian style.

Although beer appears to be the main event of Oktoberfest, a lot of visitors come for the many other attractions. If giant Ferris wheels, old-fashioned carousels, and wild roller coasters make your heart swoon, then Oktoberfest holds endless delights for you. Children particularly love the rides with fairytale heroes and spooky ghost trains. 

Where Did Oktoberfest Begin? 

The first Oktoberfest was held right on the very spot that it is today. On October 12, 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig, heir to the Bavarian throne, married Princess Therese of Saxony. A celebration ensued including horse races held on a meadow on the edge of Munich, called Theresienwiese in honor of the bride. The festivities were such a success, they became an annual event, adding an agricultural fair and amusements, growing bigger and better every year.

How Do I Participate?

No worries, we have many affordable packages available. You will have plenty of free time to enjoy optional excursions or do as you please. For more information, visit our Oktoberfest Packages Page. 2023 is the 188th Oktoberfest - Reserve your place today! (airfare not included)