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Located in front of Bavaria, this cozy Festzelt was the first ‘Shooters’ tent at the Oktoberfest. Originally it was a place for competitive marksmen to compete and drink. Later it developed into the spirited lively Festzelt it is today. This may not be the largest of the Oktoberfest tents, but it is just as fun and rambunctious. 

Although Schutzen is famous for Spanferkel-Surhaxerl (Suckling Pig in Beer Sauce), you will find an amazing variety of exquisite Bavarian delicacies to satisfy anyone’s tastes. 

Hop up on the benches and dance with the crowd to the delightful tunes of the excellent house band, the Niederalmer, while you enjoy liters of a fresh Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier. Prefer Whiskey over Beer? You are in luck! Schützen-Festzelt has an indoor Whisky Bar serving some of the finest spirits available.


Inside the Schuetzen FesthalleInside the Schuetzen Festhalle

  Proprietors: Claudia and Eduard Reinbold  
  Seating capacity: 5,440  
  Brewery: Löwenbräu  
  Music: Die Niederalmer