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A Letter From the President: 

Dear Friends, 

Several years ago, there appeared to be a substantial void in the travel industry regarding affordable accommodation packages to amazing events of the world, like Oktoberfest. Spyglass Tours & Events' Oktoberfest Packages™ was born out of a necessity to fill that void. As a bonus, I have the opportunity to share my two greatest passions - Travel and Beer. 

I have always been fond of drinking beer, but my appreciation for the brewing arts has grown tremendously since starting Spyglass. I brew beer at home and enjoy entering home-brew competitions, where I have even won some awards! Whenever I travel, I find myself searching for new breweries to visit or beer related events to attend. 

My love affair with European Travel began when my wife and I decided to backpack across Europe. Neither of us had ever been, and we were a little older than the average backpacker. We happened to be in Munich on my 30th birthday, and were amazed by the sense of belonging we immediately felt in this magnificent city. Gemütlichkeit, the locals call it - a state of mind that cannot be translated. 

That trip was quite an awakening for both of us! Back at home, our thoughts were constantly on returning across the pond as often as possible. 

At Spyglass Tours, our goal is to provide unforgettable memories through outstanding experiences. We want you to remember your European adventure as fondly as we recall that first summer abroad. Our tours are beer-centric because we love beer. And while brewery tours and tastings are a few of our favorite activities, you needn't feel obligated to join us if it doesn't interest you. Our itineraries are completely customizable giving you the freedom to do what you want when you want. 

Please feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss our tours and/or events. I look forward to sharing a unique experience with you in the near future. 



Michael Thomas
Spyglass Tours & Events

Oktoberfest Packages™

(704) 761-8450